FAQs About Finding LTFU Participants

What if I don’t have complete patient information for some or all of the study participants?

This is our #1 “finding LTFU participants” faq because it is a fairly common scenario. Many times records were incomplete or lost throughout the years. In most cases, just a name and approximate age or name and geographic location is necessary for us to successfully complete our searches.

What information can help you get started?

Full names, dates of birth, prior addresses and even old and outdated telephone numbers can be very helpful to us. This is obviously the ideal scenario and we know that not every study will include such data. At the very least, we will require a patient’s full name. Geographic location and/or prior addresses are also very helpful.

How long until results are complete?

Search results depend on the total number of participants and the complexity of the investigation itself.Normally, results can begin to be returned in as little as forty-eight hours. Because our searches are not reliant on database results, but rather are conducted by skilled investigators, we recommend speaking with our team directly about expected turnaround times on a case by case basis.

What if patients have moved out of the country?

ASG Investigations has the capability to search for patients in any country on the globe. What is the difference between ASG and data trace people search companies I find online. A lot! First and foremost, we apply a variety of investigative techniques and skill sets to not only locate current contact information, but also verify our results with more than one source of information.
Because we are licensed investigators, your search inquiries are not simply run through a database, they are confirmed using the best available investigative methods.

Can I get IRB approval to use ASG Investigations to assist in finding LTFU partients?

Absolutely. Because we have been through the process before, we understand the requirements and can provide any and all documentation necessary to ensure swift approval for use of our services. This also extends to understanding and being able to work under the highest levels of confidentiality imposed at various levels of the research process (corporate and institutional).