Easily Find Lost To Follow Up (LTFU) Patients Involved in Clinical Studies

Taking the “Lost” out of Lost To Follow Up (LTFU)
Stop wasting time and energy with database searches that fall short and delay your research. Real lost to follow up patient search solutions are just a telephone call away from an agency who knows this space and provides:

  • Verified locations and contact information
  • Patient viability status
  • Discreet, non-invasive process
  • Total scalability from 1 patient to 10,000
  • Find patients from 30+ years back
  • Complete confidentiality and privacy
  • Easy IRB approval
  • HIPAA Compliance
lost to follow up LTFU
LTFUPatientSearch.com represents the LTFU Search Team at ASG Investigations, a specialized research division focusing on locating people for scientific, financial, government and not for profit entities. We are not a CRO, but rather serve to support them; our only role is to quickly and accurately locate missing patients. We also are not a data broker or database company. We provide patient locate services that are configured to your specific requirements and return verified results, not lists of possible locations or outdated information. We have extensive experience working for universities, CROs, pharmaceutical and medical device companies as well as hospitals. We understand the absolute need for privacy and compliance and all of our solutions will be tailored to fit within your specific guidelines.